Drew Fansler

Making & Doing

I am the firstborn of an interior designer and a creative director, and came of age in 1980s Chicagoland. I remember passing the times between Little League games and hockey practice mainly by making renderings and schematics for everything from Ferraris to sneakers. I am terrible at video games, a fact which I blame on living in a Nintendo-less house until 1991. What I did have was Grandpa Ted’s jigsaw, a basement full of leftover building materials, enough art supplies to stock the mount room at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and a shipping pallet’s worth of LEGO. I have a formal education in graphic design, and have worked for a broad range of clientele. I’ve made print and outdoor ads for Crate & Barrel, planned showrooms and designed displays for IKEA as well as branded and rebranded clientele in the nonprofit, healthcare, tech, home furnishings, and food service sectors.

I’ve spent my adulthood between Chicago, Minneapolis, and Nashville, and have called Los Angeles home since 2005, which I’ve lived all over and currently with my wife and son on the West Side. When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, tinkering on bicycles, and closing rings on my Apple Watch by chasing a toddler all over the Southland.